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Nexia Italy at ITMA 2023 Exhibition in Milano

Thank you to all our customers for being a part of our enchanting exhibition, for your constant support and for making everything unique.
Thank you for being a part of this incredible moment with us!💙
You have discovered all the latest innovation in garment washing, finishing and dyeing as well, like:
– The Patented Nexstone Abrasive bar (Pumice-free stone washing system).
– The Ozone systems and generator (Sanification and different bleaching shades at the same time). Possibility to link up to 3 industrial machines + 1 laboratory washing machine, able to work contemporary or alternatively with 3 different ways to bleach: WET, DRY, BATH.
– The Ndrop nebulizer process with the unique patented double system front and rear for a better uniformity of the treatments.
– The Wave recycling and recovering water system able to mix the ozone with water inside the washing machine for more homogeneous effects.