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Nexia Italy

Our History

Nexia innovation and De Franceschi historical tradition together, revolutuonary products in the international panorama, past and future together for a great common Vision, the respect of our Planet.

Our Company

Nexia & De Franceschi is an Italian company, leader in the production of innovative machineries and systems for industrial and textile laundries.

From the heritage of the De Franceschi brand, born in 1871, Nexia has developed experience and know-how in the finishing process within the textile sector, with particular focus on the denim industry.

Technologically advanced products, that are aligned to Industry 4.0 standards, have been created to drastically reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy. They are in total compliance with environmental policies with Green Label and Acimit (Italian Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers) certified machineries.

Mission & Vision

Every day, we strive to meet the expectations of customers, employees, suppliers and everyone who comes into contact with Nexia. As a company, we promote good stewardship of the planet’s limited resources and create a culture of respect, while encouraging innovation, creativity and the core value of integrity.

Nexia, synonymous of eco-efficiency and sustainability at global level with a 100% Made in Italy soul.

Looking at the future

Beyond Nexia, there are responsibilities. Today, innovation means offering sustainable opportunities. We are always looking for advanced, cutting-edge technologies that can really make difference. To manufacture the best washing and dyeing systems for finishing garments with low environmental impact, ensuring zero waste, shorter processing times and fewer steps with hot water. Passion and competence, to guarantee maximum performance.

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A soul beyond water

About ourselves

Style, workmanship, trama are processes that make a garment unique. To make it perfect, something more is needed. Not just a process, a detail. Not just a structure, an ethic. Not just a body, a soul.

An Italian team, pluriannual experience, the development of new ideas are the body of Nexia. Innovation, sustainability and research are its soul. Body and soul together, to provide targeted responses to the needs of the global market.

Green Certifications

All Nexia machineries,  are certified by ACIMIT, Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Textile Industry.

For a sustainable production,  we provide a GREEN LABEL document, that aims to identify the energy and environmental performance of textile machinery.



Certificato ACIMIT - Supplier of Substainable Technologies
Certificato Green ACIMTI e RINA
Certificato ACIMIT - Italian Textile Machinery