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NEXIA is the FIRST company to study, invent and patent the STONE FREE washing system. The NEXSTONE technology allows to reduce water and energy consumption without PUMICE STONE maintaining the same or better effects of the classic stone wash.


NEXSTONE System can be installed in all Nexia washing machines for both production and laboratory excluding NS/ND 5. This new advanced technology offers the possibility to replace the use of pumice stone in the washing process with the same results or even better, getting different fashion effects and worn look.
The patented innovation is made of 4 STAINLESS STEEL abrasives bars to be put inside the drum and easily to remove, after their use.

The special finishing-texture enables to produce different kind of scratch to get the stone effect, managed by the software installed inside our NEXIA washing machine.

Among the different advantages, the great one compared to the old age pumice stone washing, is the fact that the process cause no unload of the pumice stone at the end of the cycle and any additional washing or rinsing to clean the residual of the pumice stone after the treatment, with huge savings!
No chemicals are required once NEXSTONE® system is installed, this will also reduce waste control and costs.


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