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The first stone wash without pumice stone

This new technology saves a considerable amount of energy compared with normal stone wash process.

Will give the possibile to replace the use of pumice stone in the washing process with the same or better effects and results keeping advantaqges of saving cost, time and energy. This new advance technology will improve the mechanical action on the garment. Easy installation and use of the device inside the machine in order to obtain a multi-functional use.

Better results

We feel the responsability for making machinary and equipment that consider the social impact saving energy, water and harmful chemicals for human health and we are in front line in order to promote sustainable solutions.
Washing with stones in classic way means, costs of product, of water treatment, of energy, of deterioration of washing machine and it means not a costant result of every load.

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Nex Stone® system


Great advantages,compared tot he old pumice stone washing not required unloading of stones at the end of the cycle and any additional washing or rinsing to clean the residual of the pumice stone on the garment and on the water after the treatment.


  • Better management of stone effect on garments
  • Zero pumice stone consumption
  • Zero production and treatment sludge
  • Less energy consumption (less processing time and less water steps)

Using NEXSTONE system you can avoid:

  • Time for dividing the pumice stone from garment at the end of the treatment cyle
  • To change machine to finish the treatment (rinsing, softner, dyeing etc.)
  • The tear of the linings of the pockets during the stone wash cycle
Save time and energy

Sustainable solution