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Nexia is proud to present the latest technology in the DYEING process.
Thanks to the R&D department, Nexia has developed the Nitrogen System, set to tranform the dyeing world.


The NITROGEN SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY is designed to create low-cost dyeing cycles with very short process times, using sulphur and indanthrene dyes.

In the last years all manufacturers were focused on creating machines with low water consumption and low environmental impact. Nowadays dyeing processes are characterized by expensive processing cycles for the introduction of dyes and chemical products, calculating an average of about 2 hours at 98 degrees for a standard dyeing cycle.

The ND Series machines, thanks to the use of N2 in airless environment, will be able to exploit the application of all those dyes that until now have used the oxygen as a form of reduction and fixation of the colour on the fibre. In this way, with the innovative dyeing process, the dyed garments will have a full, intense and lasting colour, ensuring the reproducibility of the colors between the lots.


ND 420

Serie ND Tintura

Nexia and Archroma sustainability is in the air

The synergy between Nexia, one of the leading companies in the production of industrial machines for the washing and dyeing of garments and textiles, and Archroma, a global leader in sustainable specialty chemicals, aims to reach high level objectives never before reached within the entire dyeing process.

The collaboration between Nexia’s ND 17 “Nitrogen machine” that works under Nitrogen color for smart Atmosphere and Archroma’s “Casual x Smart” system delivers smart and authentic fashion collections with trendy wash-down looks without compromising our planet.


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