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NEXIA NRAY 4 with double conveyor belt and double mannequin is the latest generation laser engraving machine complete with a new high-speed scanning head with optimal high quality performance.

NEXIA NRay 4 allows you to reproduce special effects such as customized designs, images, brand names, whiskers and sand blasting effects on ready-made denim garments and fabrics.

It is made by a supporting structure in carbon steel on which there are installed:

  • 2 individual laser sources
  • Double conveyour belt
  • Rotating structure with 2 mannequins


Laser machine available with:

Table marking system complete with double conveyor belt for continuous processing + Mannequin area with double vertical mannequins.

Two laser sources will be positioned:

– one on the front with fixed support (mannequin area)

– the other positioned above the double conveyor belt. 

This dual source system allows simultaneous laser marking in both mannequin and double conveyor belt area.

NEXIA NRay 4 works at high speed execution and high quality performance.


Available power: Two independent laser sources of 500 nominal watts.

Rotating group with two mannequins.

Double operator protection system.

Double conveyor belt to facilitate the loading and unloading of the garments to be treated.

Nr 2 touchscreen Pc positioned near the operator, each one independent from the other.

Independent suction system

Internal lighting system.

Independent laser source cooling system for Double Conveyor Belt and Double Mannequin.


The double conveyor belt system is equipped with a laser scanner projector positioned on the conveyor belt loading area, thus making it easy to identify where to place the head.

The laser source is positioned above the area of ​​the conveyor belt and can be moved automatically from the top to the bottom, thus choosing two different laser marking areas:

  • marking area 1 = 1600 x 1600 mm
  • marking area 2 = 1250 x 1250 High Definition

The double conveyor belt is designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of the items to be treated. 


Scanning head with auto-calibration and auto-diagnostic capabilities.

The operator’s working area has been designed so that he can work with the maximum “SAFETY” and “EFFICIENCY” during the various working phases. (class 1).


In the mannequin area, the two vertical mannequins are installed on a supporting rotating structure.

The rotating support arm of the two mannequins is motorized and automatic with a rotation control of the central axis through an encoder.

This automatic movement allows you to always have a mannequin in the working area while the other is in the loading and unloading area.

On each mannequin there are electronic pressure switches that control the pressure inside the rubber tubes.

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