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Ndrop system was created to drastically reduce the consumption of water, chemicals, and energy. The double nebulizer of Ndrop increases load capacity and simultaneously reduces water consumption per garment by at least 85% (in relation to latest market technology).

The Ndrop can be connected up to 2 high-speed industrial extractors NS/ND, and unique in the international market with the double spraying system, thanks to a product injection system composed of 4 + 4 front and rear nozzles, which allow a higher cycle speed and a perfect uniformity of the garments to be treated inside the washing and dyeing machines.



Ndrop can be installed in all Nexia washing machines for both production and laboratory excluding NS/ND 5. The innovative technology allows to obtain uniform effects on all garments to be treated. Cloudy effects can also be obtained, both on knitwear and trousers, with special settings managed by the microprocessor that controls the machine. 

Ndrop System reduces almost completely the use of water, with a 1:0,5 – 1:1 liquor ratio in an automatic and quick process and works with a variable pressure from zero to 70 bar, max flow rate 7 L / minute. The system is controlled by the microprocessor of the washing machine which manages all the functions required by the operator during the formulation of the recipe required.


Ndrop system comes with completely stainless steel AISI 316 structure.

The high-pressure pump is completely in stainless steel and is equipped with special filters to prevent dust from entering the nozzles located inside the machines.

Ndrop system is supplied with 2/4 front nozzles and 2/4 rear nozzles that can be easily removed and replaced for cleaning.


Coloranti indiretti tinture a freddo / caldo. Tinture con effetti nuvolati sia su jeans che su maglieria. Ammorbidenti. Prodotti siliconici.

Cold / warm indirect dyes.

Dyes with clouded effects both on jeans and knitwear.


Silicone Products.


Ndrop system is equipped with a water “rain-fed” suction system which eliminates suspended residuals inside the drum. This prevents odors and protects the health of the operator.



Gliossalic resin for 3D effects

Resin for polished effects.

Enzymatic formulations for stone wash and super stone wash effects.            


NS 420

Serie NS Lavaggio

ND 420

Serie ND Tintura

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