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NEXIA NRAY 2 Compact is a latest generation laser engraving machine, complete with a new high-speed scanning head, with high-quality performance.

The laser guarantees high execution speed and top quality performance.

The load bearing structure of the laser source is composed of a vertical motorized support, controlled by encoder on which the laser source is positioned.

The marking area above the conveyor belts and the containing structure of the laser source are equipped with a transparent protection system, complete with security devices in compliance with the regulations in force.

The operator workstation has been designed to guarantee maximum safety and efficiency during all operation phases (Class1).


Nexia NRAY 2 Compact, reproduces special effects such as customized patterns, drawings, images, brands, whiskers, breakage and sandblasting effects on denim ready-made garments and fabrics all in one step.

The laser guarantees a high execution speed and high quality performances.


NRay 2 Compact is available in 2 models:

1 – Fixed table = one marking area 1400 x 1400 (optional encode controlled system with the creation of two marking areas 1600 x 1600  – 1300 x 1300)

2 – Conveyor belt = marking system on conveyor belts for continuous processing. Version with both marking areas included.


New automatic movement of the laser source from top to bottom. This system is used to optimize the required definition automatically, without moving the laser source.


Scanning laser projector installed on the conveyor side of the loading zone enables easy identification of the perfect garment position. It also helps the operator identify the side of the garment to be treated by projecting the words “front” or “back”.


Nominal power available: 350 watt and 500 watt
Double conveyor belt to facilitate the loading and unloading of the garments to be treated.
Industrial touchscreen PC positioned near the operator.
Internal lighting system.

Fume extraction system with electric fan included.

Laser cooling system: the room does not need A/C. Room must be ventilated and clean from dust.


High resolution video camera installed inside the structure.
This video device enables simple yet precise overlaying of designs on pants.

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