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we save water, chemical and energy

The laundry smart evolution !

Nexia Engineering is proud to announce the arrival of this innovative and exclusive system. This is an absolute “state of the art” technology, multiple washing options are available under an all-inclusive “start” button, just one cycle which not only reduces the environmental impact but also significantly lowers time and energy consumption.

Thanks to Nexia All Together, environmental objectives are impressively ambitious: water consumption reduced by up to 85%, the use of chemical products lowered by as much as 87% and energy consumption lessened by up to 40%.


Wet & Dry process
Wet&Dry ozone processing exploits ozone in synergy with water as bleacher and powerful sanitizer.


Stone free abrasion
An exclusive and unique patented system whereby textiles are washed without the use of pumice stone, Nexstone also allows for the reduction of waste emissions as well as limiting water consumption.


The double nebulizer of Ndrop increases load capacity and simultaneously reduces water consumption per garment by at least 85% (in relation to latest market technology).

High-speed extractor Nexia NS420

The ALL TOGETHER System puts these treatments into one High-speed extractor Nexia Nd420, a washing system complete with spin cycle. This allows for the rinsing of garments between one treatment and the next, and with just one load/unload only. The wash cycle is therefore uninterrupted leading to a more fluid and dynamic process with better results.

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