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The use of oxygen in denim treatment processes assumes more importance in the textile sector because its systematic use allows companies to efficiently respond to different production and environmental requirements.

Ozone technical features are generally known, in particular regarding laundry application, its strong oxidizing action that makes it the most powerful “green” oxidant used industrially.

Its oxidizing power makes it ideal for discoloration and whitening operations of fabric in general, particularly denim. It is an advanced product for garments treatment to give bleached, distressed, and worn look, but in a more eco-friendly way.

Ozone Production System with Oxygen or Air Supply

Thanks to this system it is possible to obtain the advantages guaranteed by an ozone production system with liquid oxygen supply (such as high production performance, lower consumption of electrical energy and in general a superior system reliability due to less risk of damp presence), but without being “bound” by constant oxygen supply.

The complete system of ozone production is designed to be completely independent in a separate unit and is delivered to the customer ready for installation and a quick and easy startup.

The production is managed by a control system which is integrated in the electric panel, that enables control of all the accessory equipment installed in the machine from one single unit.

Ozone generator system is prepared to be used wet ,dry and bath system. Both for sampling and industrial machines, it can be connected up to 3 machines and working independently.



Ozone generator from 350 g/h to 1400 g/h with oxygen supply.

Oxygen producer.

Ozone injection system with injector pump (injection of ozone mixed with water).

Dry injection system with injection inside the drum (with dry or damp garments).

Surrounding air monitoring (operator safety system).

Electrical control with exchange signals from machine programmer and ozone generator.

Containing structure completely in stainless steel.

The ozone dosing system is entirely managed by computer “PLC”, for both manual and automatic cycles.

Catalyst system for residual ozone in the ejection phase.

All parts that are exposed to ozone are made with special materials and gaskets in EPDM.


Reduction of power consumption per unit of ozone produced.

Minimum consumption of oxygen for high quantity and more concentration of ozone production.

Compact machine

Less need for maintenance and minimum installation requirements.

Low operating costs: water, chemical products, etc…

Maximum reliability and safety.


NS 420

Serie NS Lavaggio



Neo Project

Nexia Italy, collaborating with fashion textile expert Dalia Benefatto founder of Devalia, a company with scientific approch toward circular economy, communicates updates and innovational practies as regards Ozone-based technology partnership with STIMA-CNR in Biella, the National Research Council (publicly owned)  has the institutional task of conducting, promoting, disseminating and valorizing research activities for scientific, technological, economical and social development within Italy.

Neo Project is based on the study of possible short and long-term damaging effects regarding the mechanical properties of denim material as well as verifying the possible presence of ozone upon termination of the washing process

This first analytical phase is of fundamental importance as in 2030 a Digital Passport for all textiles will be obligatory


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