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De Franceschi

Ironing Technologies Line

De Franceschi

“Italian job” for ironing

Although our company De Franceschi was founded in 1871, we still feel young at heart. The secret to our longevity is that we are always able to rise to the challenges that the market throws our way. We have always designed and constructed machines and equipment for the textile world such as industrial washing machines for the dyeing and washing of cloth. It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce our new range aimed at industrial ironing presses and professional automatic systems for the finishing of garments, from the more classical jacket and shirt to the world of denim. This is the product of a youthful company with a century of experience to its name, its high quality matched by an excellent and efficient post-sales service without comparison. To be a client of De Franceschi is to be guided by a dynamic team of “Made in Italy” experts who are able to satisfy the needs of the global market. They are textile entrepreneurs always aiming to preserve quality alongside the environment.

Jeans and Casual Wear Ironing Machines

Jackets & Casual Wear Ironing Machines

Shirt Pressing Machines

Trousers Pressing Machines

Laundry Press

Trousers Pressing Machines

Special automatic equipment for jeans garments preparation and treatments

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