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Nexia and Archroma sustainability is in the air

The synergy between Nexia, one of the leading companies in the production of industrial machines for the washing and dyeing of garments and textiles, and Archroma, a global leader in sustainable specialty chemicals, aims to reach high level objectives never before reached within the entire dyeing process. The high quality technical results are evident in terms of stability and reproduction, with textiles treated according to the fibers utilized, resulting in a softness in the yarn and harmonious shades in natural tones. There is also a significant reduction in the amount of water and energy used, together with a net decreased in waste emissions into the environment. Nexia and Archroma’s synergy brings about a breath of fresh air, above all clean air, into the textiles world!

The Nitrogen System

Thanks to Nexia technology it will now be possible to avoid the use of very dangerous chemical substances such as sodium hydrosulphite and drastically reduce others such as sodium hydroxide.

The new ND series is designed to carry out low-cost dyeing cycles with very short processing times, using sulfur and indanthrene dyes. [About 70 minutes and 60-65 degrees C.] The machine, thanks to the use of N2 in an airless environment, will be able to exploit the application of all those dyes which until now have used oxygen as a form of reduction and fixation of the color on the fibre. In this way the garments dyed with this innovative process result in a full, intense and long-lasting colour. In addition, it will be possible to ensure color reproducibility between batches.

Archroma is continuously improving manufacturing processes and also developing new products and application processes that enhance the already high performing dyes. Archroma offers this experience to the textile market as a contribution to a more sustainable dyeing environment.

Nexia - Archroma

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