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Green Certifications

Eco-friendly sustainability

Eco-friendly sustainability
For a cleaner environment
Imagine that the industrial cleaning sector can contribute, tomorrow, even for a cleaner Earth. Quality working makes it easier and stimulating to find functional solutions for each sustainable productive reality.

Our commitment is to offer innovative solutions while respecting the environment, cost and safety. Solutions that refers to the modus operandi of our customers, such as the recycling system WAVE for water recovery, the double nebulizer system NDROP, or the NexStone device to allows the treatment of stone wash without using pumice stone while saving water, chemicals and energy.

NDROP system is the latest creation of Nexia technology. A new concept of high pressure spray allows to distribute uniformly on the garments inside the machine programmed quantity of products while maintaining a high reproducibility and a very substantial water saving.

With Nexia sustainability passes from theory to practice.

Sustainable Solutions

The machines for the industrial laundry, dyeing and treatment of garments made by Nexia are certified by Acimit, Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Textile Industry.
All Nexia’s products are provided with the Green Label: document that aims to identify the energy and environmental performance of textile machinery.